IDNS Restaurant Script - Support Renew

We are proud to offer our customers quality and responsive technical support because we intend to help you establish and run your successful online business. Our staff will gladly assist you in deploying, maintaining, and developing your online food ordering based website.

IDNS Team gives instant support on any kind of Technical and Non-Technical Questions. We have the fastest turnaround time for any technical issue. Email us and we will get on the job done right away!

Please note that the Technical Support Service is provided in English language only.

What Technical Support includes: -

  • Free script module updates
  • Any bug fixes
  • Minor functionality modifications*
  • Minor template modifications*
  • Add/Edit site contents**
  • Data Backup/Restore
  • Website audit & enhancements consultancy
  • Assessment of customization requests

* Less than 10 hours work in a month
** Provided by clients

Assisting customers in implementing code customizations, particularly, providing info on how to implement this feature, or that function, is only limited to minor or general-purpose recommendations. More specific requests are considered customizations that are charged for separately.